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Michelle Donaldson: Office Manager

While Michelle may not be a hands-on roofer, she’s no stranger to problem-solving in the office.

One memorable project involved orchestrating a large-scale shingle acquisition, where her resourcefulness shone bright. When local distributors fell short, Michelle took the reins, contacting the manufacturer directly to secure the necessary materials, showcasing her determination and knack for thinking outside the box.

Michelle Donaldson hales from the quaint town of Girard, KS, has been a proud member of the Ridgeline Roofing and Solar team since 2023, bringing her vibrant energy and impeccable organizational skills to the role of Office Manager. With nearly a year and a half of experience in the roofing business, Michelle jumped into this new industry driven by her curiosity and eagerness to learn something fresh.

Her journey into roofing may have started without prior experience, but Michelle’s determination shines through as she tackles the challenge of memorizing shingle types with gusto. Armed with her knack for learning and an array of industry-focused programs under her belt, Michelle is always ready to take on new ventures. 

Outside the office, Michelle finds solace in her flower beds, surrounded by the company of her beloved chihuahua mix, Cooper, and talkative tabby cat, Lily. Her weekends are often spent with family, nurturing her garden or indulging in a captivating James Patterson novel. Ever the team player, Michelle thrives in Ridgeline’s collaborative environment, cherishing the camaraderie and the opportunity to brainstorm innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Next time you are able, ask Michelle: “If you could trade places with any fictional for a day, who would it be and why?”

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