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Hannah Lemmermann: Project Manager

Originally from Raytown, MO, Hannah Lemmermann has been a dynamic force in the Ridgeline Roofing and Solar team for over a year.

As a Project Manager, she thrives on the new experiences and learning opportunities the roofing industry offers. Moving to her current community four years ago, Hannah embraced the challenge of a fresh start and now enjoys meeting new people and tackling the various issues that arise during roofing projects.

One of Hannah’s most memorable projects was her very first, which involved navigating the complexities of a sizable house and unexpected hurdles. Her training with Ridgeline Roofing and Solar has equipped her to handle these challenges with expertise.

Finding joy in the little victories, Hannah enjoys successfully managing a tricky project or connecting with homeowners. When she’s not solving problems on-site, Hannah dives into her many hobbies—whether it’s painting, exploring new trails, or baking delicious treats.

At home, Hannah’s lively household includes a New Zealand rabbit named Snow, who has a peculiar taste for Apple chargers, and three pets: Clifford, the loyal Black Mouth Cur mix, Arthur, the affectionate kitten, and Robin, the hunter of the house. On weekends, you’ll find Hannah savoring a cup of coffee, enjoying a good movie, or volunteering at her church.

Hannah’s love for adventure often takes her to South Dakota, where she cherishes time spent riding and exploring with family.

Next time you are able, ask Hannah: “If Snow could talk, what do you think she would say about all the apple chargers she’s nibbled on?”

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