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Ben DeMoss: Sr Project Manager

A Springfield/Ozark, MO native for over 20 years, Ben finds the labor force to be the most challenging aspect of roofing.

Ben’s purpose for joining the team has been to further expand Ridgeline’s national Commercial Division. Before entering roofing, Ben worked as a General Contractor (GC), building hotels, dialysis clinics, and retail spaces across 17 states.

Along with Ridgeline, he is certified with Versico and GAF for TPO, PVC, and EPDM commercial roofing installations. A memorable project for Ben was at the Macon Senior Living in Macon, MO, where his team removed and replaced shingles on 29 structures in just two and a half days, demonstrating the efficiency achievable with accurate planning and execution.

During his time with Ridgeline Roofing and Solar, Ben aims to discover and apply new and innovative materials. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, bowhunting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, golf, and snowboarding. He has a Frenchie named Hershey and a mini longhaired Dachshund named Reeses.  His favorite way to spend a weekend is by relaxing in any way possible.

Ben appreciates the opportunity at Ridgeline Roofing and Solar, drawn to the company by his long-standing friendship with Tim Yates since 1998. Ben started part-time with the company and saw the potential in transitioning to a full-time role with the commercial division.

Ben believes that what sets Ridgeline apart from other roofing companies is their unique perspective on the “other side” of construction, allowing them to offer accuracy in execution that other companies cannot. He stays updated on the latest trends and advancements in roofing technology through strong relationships with supplier partners, who keep them informed about the latest products and training.

Ben’s long-term career goal with Ridgeline is to continue growing their portfolio of work and further expansion to all contiguous 48 states. He values the innovative and supportive environment at Ridgeline Roofing and Solar and looks forward to contributing to its continued success.

Next time you are able, ask Ben: “What about Alicante, Spain, makes it your favorite travel destination?”

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