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Who knew a marble sized hail storm could lead to a beautiful roofing, made out of recycled ♻️ material, that has a 50 (yes I said 50) year warranty on it. The ecoshield is an incredible product that not only added to my property value, it has a transferable warranty and is making my house insurance cheaper. But, the best part was how well Andrew’ Anthony put up with me. He had no idea how many times I had received horrific work on my house, been outright lied to, and how many “good ol’ boys” had taken my money with no service in return. Andrew spent the time and energy to make certain I understood everything that was happening and what the cost of the job would be. I am not an easy person to get along with anymore because of how I’ve been treated by the “GOB” system. Andrew didn’t give up on me though. Sorry for all the headaches I caused you but I really do appreciate all of your time and energy you poured into this project. I’d recommend Ridgeline to anybody looking for a roof and value for the money. Everything was handled in a professional manner. Thank you Andrew and thank you Ridgeline.